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The Radiale system is a safety extra low voltage (12V) system which includes a rose connected to the mains power supply to which lighting bodies are connected. The lighting bodies are powered and suspended by a small plait-like cable. The rose is available in various models, some of which can be lit, it holds the transformer and can be placed on walls or ceilings. There is a large range of lighting bodies available, they come in many different shapes and colors and each one produces a different type of light.


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Pepe Tanzi

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Private home in Milano (Italy)

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The rooms of this prestigious Milanese home are enhanced by suspended lights, placed exactly where they are needed.

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Private homes WW

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Creative Agency

Realized by:Arch. Marchetti De Maria

Tribe Communication, Milano.

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No matter if the ceiling is made of wood, is sloping or pitched ... with our systems we bring light where it is needed.

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Refined farmhouse

Realized by: Prader

We thank Prader Interior for the lighting design. Photos: © Christian Schartner Project: Heimatküche

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