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Provides direct downwards light with a medium light beam angle dichroic bulb. It works with LED light bulbs. It is used for the general lighting or for light diffusion over dining tables, counters or work tables. It is made of handshaped blown borosilicate glass available in clear or frosted finishing and also in natural terracotta or mat white.


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Pepe Tanzi

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Relais Masseria Capasa

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The Relais Masseria Capasa (1746) in Martano welcomes you with the charm of its walls full of history. The surrounding countryside is no less beautiful than its rooms and courtyards. Everything has been carefully studied to respect the ancient, hence the choice to use our Orbite system, for its low impact on the environment but also for the magic effect of suspended lights.

Product used in

Villa Balbiano Winery

Realized by:Building, Torino

Location for events with very high ceiling lighted thanks to the flexibility of the Orbite system.

Product used in

Creative Agency

Realized by: Arch. Marchetti De Maria

Tribe Communication, Milano.

Product used in

Refined farmhouse

Realized by: Prader

We thank Prader Interior for the lighting design. Photos: © Christian Schartner Project: Heimatküche

Product used in

Bagatti Valsecchi museum

Realized by:

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