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Provide direct downward light by means of a capsule light bulb. They work with LED light bulbs. They are usually distributed throughout the environment, in a high position. Four different shapes are available: Luna, Pianeta, Sole, Stella ( Moon, Planet, Sun, Star ). They are made in clear or frosted hand-shaped blown borosilicate glass. When in clear glass they produce direct light, when in frosted glass the light is diffused. The supporting element is in nickel plated steel.


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Pepe Tanzi

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Creative Agency

Realized by: Arch. Marchetti De Maria

Tribe Communication, Milano.

Product used in

Penthouse in Monza (Italy)

Realized by:Negri Illuminazione

The Orbite system is used to reach the areas that need to be lighted, even when the ceiling is sloped or made of wood.

Product used in

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