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Villa Balbiano Winery

Realized by:Building, Torino

Location for events with very high ceiling lighted thanks to the flexibility of the Orbite system.

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Royal palace, Monza (Italy)

Realized by:CLS Architetti

Protected by artistic institutions, the building was lighted using the few existing lighting points from which dozens of Venere lighting bodies branch out. Venere are suspended using very small screws that have a minimal impact on the decoration.

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Restaurant, Milano (Italy)

Realized by:Arch. Nisi Magnoni

A contemporary environment in which large circular chandeliers made from Sciameled with Venere stand out.

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Restaurant in Como (Italy)

Realized by:P. Blanno for IMAT FELCO

Rustic but elegant location thanks to the small crystal of the lighting body Stellina.

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