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Provides diffused and direct downwards light by means of an integrated LED. The stick is in anodized aluminium in three finishes: natural, black and white. The diffuser is in frosted, clear or iridescent handmade blown borosilicate glass.


Immagine designer
Pepe Tanzi

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NH Hotels

Realized by: NH design center

NH Hotels around the world have chosen our Venere or Stellina lighting bodies for their halls and common areas.

Product used in

Liberty villa, Lake Como

Realized by:Arch. Zussino + CENTROLUCE

A 3-storey stairwell illuminated with 36 Venere for a total of only 80W.

Product used in

Royal palace, Monza (Italy)

Realized by: CLS Architetti

Protected by artistic institutions, the building was lighted using the few existing lighting points from which dozens of Venere lighting bodies branch out. Venere are suspended using very small screws that have a minimal impact on the decoration.

Product used in

Restaurant, Milano (Italy)

Realized by:Arch. Nisi Magnoni

A contemporary environment in which large circular chandeliers made from Sciameled with Venere stand out.

Product used in

Creative Agency

Realized by:Arch. Marchetti De Maria

Tribe Communication, Milano.

Product used in

Borgo Glazel

Realized by:

A charming historic residence brought back to life to create a unique and special event location in Vallecamonica. Lighting the spaces without invasive work, thanks to our System with Venere and Lilium.

Product used in

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