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Provides direct light downwards by means of an integrated LED. It is in anodized aluminium in three finishes: natural, black and white. It is very small. Various glass diffusers are available.


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Pepe Tanzi

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Castle in Sulbiate, Italy

Realized by: Arch. Laura Cremonesi

This Italian castle was built in 1452 and has recently been transformed into a prestigious location for events. Our Outdoor system has been used to light the cloister, the passageways to the garden and the convivial areas underneath the large old trees.

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Move n'meet

Realized by:Mirco Colzani

The talented garden designer Mirco Colzani has designed the winning progect of the 2019 Horticultural (Orticolario) Competition. Our new Stelo and Mezzamanica have been placed among the elegant grasses in a garden of newest generation.

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